Why My New Year Starts on February 1st

Have you ever considered changing the way you set you new year resolutions so that your new year starts on February 1st?

The other day I was browsing Facebook (as you do) and I came across a really great meme from one of my new, favourite bloggers. He blogs at ‘Single Dad Laughing‘ and you can visit his site by clicking HERE. You can also see his fab Facebook page by clicking HERE and you can see the original photo on my Cupcakes and Cadenzas Facebook page by clicking HERE. Phew! Now I know how cabin crew feel!

Anyway, Dan (Single Dad Laughing) posted what proved to be a very popular meme saying:

New Year Starts on February 1st

I shared this to my page because I thought it was funny, but then it occurred to me that starting your year on February 1st actually isn’t such a bad idea after all.

I never make my resolutions/goals in December but, on the 1st January, I suddenly come up with a pile of things I think I’d like to do throughout the year. I have personal goals, and goals for my business and so on but, the problem is, I never really think them through or plan them out properly. The result is, as usual, by the end of January I’ve more or less forgotten what it is that I wanted to do.

Yes! My New Year Starts on February 1st

New Year Starts on February 1st

This year has been different though because I’ve been working through Leonie Dawson’s fabulous Life and Biz Workbooks in January (more about those in another post) and I’ve been planning out what I want and need to do for 2016 to be a great year. Then I saw Single Dad Laughing’s post and it hit me. As January is always a bit of a non-starter for me, and I’m sure lots of other people too, why not spend January, as opposed to December, planning out exactly what it is you want to achieve throughout the year and then spend the next eleven months working on it? For me, apart from my birthday (yes, you missed it!), January is always a bit of a washout so I only have eleven months to work with anyway.

And that’s how I’m going to do it from now on. From now on my new year starts on February 1st. It makes so much sense to me. And, for the first time in years, I know exactly where I want to be at the end of the year in terms of life and business and I know exactly what I need to do to get there. I’m feeling more fired up about reaching my goals this year than ever before and I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m taking time to plan things out in detail rather than just randomly picking a few things to do at the beginning of the year and hoping for the best. I also plan to set aside a bit of time at the beginning of each month to see if I’m on track and if anything needs to be done differently or changed in order to get where I’m going. I know! Who’d have ever thought about checking regularly to see if they’re on track to achieve their goals? 😧

I can’t be sure that this new system will work any better for me this year but anything is worth a try.

What about you?

Is this something you might like to try too? If you would like to give it a go, share how you plan to do it in the comments below. You might like to sign up for the Newsletter too where I’ll be talking about how it’s going in a lot more depth.

Maybe this is how you’re already working. Or perhaps you’ve tried something similar in the past and hated it. Either way, I’d love to hear how it went.

In the meantime, I’m off to put the finishing touches to the things I’m going to be getting up to in 2016.

Catch you later!

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