What’s in the Filofax Box?

This morning I received yet another parcel and although I was expecting it, and knew it would be a Filofax box, I wasn’t sure exactly what would be in it. Here’s why.

Last week Philofaxy and Filomaniac announced that Filofax Germany was having a bit of a sale. (Anyone reading this who knows me will already know that I adore Filofaxes – if you don’t know me – I adore Filofaxes). Anyway, they were selling off 90 Filofaxes at 9 Euros each because Filofax (the company) are celebrating their 90th birthday this year. I couldn’t resist having a look.

Most of the Filofaxes were pocket size which for me is just too small but there were a few nice ones in personal size and different models to the ones on the UK website. The idea was to buy three personal size Filofaxes and give them as Christmas presents. Each one I chose was previously well over 100 Euros and, because of that, an absolute bargain!

So, here’s what I bought.

Filofax Box







…and in the boxes…

Left to right Bloomsbury (tomato), Panama (maroon) and Piazza (sunflower). The sunflower didn’t photograph well. It is much closer to the colour of sunflowers.

The Bloomsbury is such a beautiful colour. I really didn’t expect it to be so vibrant. The leather is amazingly soft and the whole thing, fully loaded up, is incredibly light AND it lies almost flat straight out the box. The pocket at the back has an elasticated insert on one side meaning you won’t stretch the leather when you fill it full of stuff and, it seems much more spacious than any other Filofax pocket I have seen.
This is another lovely Filofax and looks very classy. When I saw it on the website I wasn’t sure it was something I would want for myself but on seeing it properly, it’s beautiful. Instead of the usual stud fastener the leather hooks over the gold hook on the front. I thought it might stick out quite a bit but it doesn’t. This isn’t quite as soft as the Bloomsbury but the smooth leather finish inside is gorgeous. It also has the same pocket as the Bloomsbury with the elasticated insert.
This one is really lovely too. It reminds me a lot of my personal Classic with the same smooth, high quality leather although the layout for cards is slightly different. This one doesn’t lie flat immediately but, if it’s anything like the classic it will through time. Another lovely Filofax!
Here’s the thing. Now that I’ve seen them and touched the beautiful leather and smelt them…I’m not sure I want to give them to anyone. Believe me, the last thing I need is another Filofax another three Filofaxes considering I just bought an Imperial Purple A5 Finchley last night as my 2012 work Filofax, but I love them and the fact that they are being discontinued means that once they’re gone – they’re gone. They would make such lovely additions to my ever-growing Filofax collection…
I’ll let you know what I decide.
Until the next time,
Denise x

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  1. Hi Denise,

    I totally understand your situation! I have ordered 12 (twelve) Filofax items to carry them to the meet up next Saturday.

    When they arrived and I took a closer look at them and smelled the scent of all the fine leather, I felt a little sorry for “giving them away”.

    But I know they are all going to people who will love and appriciate them. So now I’m looking forward to seeing those faces, that will shine like children’s eyes under the Christmas tree!

    Watch out for the pictures Steve will certainly shoot…

    All the best, Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas,

    It’s good to know that I’m not the only one feeling like that. They are all just so beautiful!

    How exciting to be taking them all to the meet up though and to see everyone’s face light up when they open their boxes. Can’t wait to see the photos so make sure that everyone takes lots of them.

    Have a great time!


  3. CP – I’m not surprised your DH wishes you would go back to Filofaxes however, your designer handbags are lovely. Tell him they’re an investment.

    As far as Filofaxes go I thought I was over them too but obviously not. Hmmm…I wonder what the new season’s Filofax designs will be like… 🙂

  4. Oooh lovely selection, the Panama is lush and I was lucky enough to be given one courtesy of the German mega sale as a present for my birthday :0) thinking I’m going to be using that as my study planner while my Deco is the main Filofax.

    I also have lots and can’t bare to give them away even if some of them do just sit in the cupboard safely hidden out of sight of dust monkeys lol


  5. Hi Loulou, what a great birthday present! I have to say when I saw it on the website it wasn’t my favourite but seeing it in real life the Panama is sooo beautiful.

    What are we like?? I also keep a collection hidden away safely. I always mean to use them then take them out of the box and decide they’re too nice to use 🙂


  6. I too think I shall shortly be having the same problem. I ordered 9 Filofaxes in total (plus other accessories – I am telling myself that’s OK, as they are not more binders). I figured I would be able to give them as presents (or at least some…2….1) of them. I however am now thinking that I may not be able to bring myself to do so – my other half may have to wrestle them away from me to wrap them. I am really looking forward to receiving my Panama now though after seeing the photos and seeing one in the flash for the first time on Tuesday – it is soooo nice 🙂

  7. LJ – that made me laugh! I thought I was bad with three. I’ve started telling everyone that I’m a collector of Filofaxes just as people collect antiques, paintings etc. and people seem to accept that 😉

    You will love your Panama. It really is gorgeous and very classy. I wish I could be there to see your face when you open nine boxes and all your accessories which, you’re right, are not binders and therefore don’t count.

    Have fun!!

  8. Dear All – just what is it about a Filofax? Or is it more ‘about us?’ Purloined a simple, no-nonsense Windsor pocket a few months ago … but now have an (almost) embarrassing) sixteen!

    Yes, several will be given away as gifts this Christmas, leaving me a ‘core’ personal, pocket and mini … and several others I should resell (including a gorgeous dark-green Panama personal) but feel very reluctant to do so, they feel too smooth or smell too nice, etc. So, again: Just what is it about a Filofax? Or is it really more ‘about us?’

    Blistering barnacles, I am a fifty year-old man and should know better …!

  9. Hi John and thanks for your comment.
    I am still trying to work out how or why we become Filofax addicts but what I will say is that you’re not alone. There are hundreds of us around – all buying more Filofaxes than are probably good for us; all of us loving the different types of leathers and loving the smell of each and every one of them. Oh and comparing notes and how we set them up etc. Heck, Filofax fans even have meet-ups around the world.
    As for knowing better… I always say that if it’s not harming anyone else it’s fine :-))
    Not sure if you’ve come across http://www.philofaxy.blogspot.com Can’t guarantee that they will answer your question but you’ll certainly find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Filofaxes there.

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