The Problem With Finding Your Passion


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I was out to lunch with a friend recently and the conversation got round to the fact that she’d love to start a blog but has absolutely no idea what to blog about.  She’s researched blogging on the internet; she’s bought umpteen books about blogging but feels they haven’t helped her at all and she tells me that they all say she really needs a niche before she can start blogging properly and the only way to find her niche is to find her passion and until she finds her passion, she can’t start a blog (which is nonsense by the way). She believes that she’ll probably never start a blog now because she doesn’t know what her passion is and she has no idea how to find it. Of course, this got me thinking.

Finding Your Passion

We have become completely obsessed with finding our passion. All over the internet and in the millions and millions of self help books out there, people are asking questions like ‘What are you passionate about?’, ‘What really makes you tick?’ and ‘What do you love doing more than anything else in the world?’.

After some research I discovered that, as well as others, ‘How do I find my passion?’ and ‘What is my passion?’ are popular phrases being entered into search engines nowadays. I’ve read blog posts, I’ve spoken to people and I’ve looked on forums and what I’ve discovered is that people are worrying…WORRYING…because they haven’t worked out what their one true passion is. They feel their lives might not be as worthwhile and fulfilling as they had hoped they would be because they haven’t found this one specific thing in life that they love doing above everything else. They see other people who have found their ‘passion’ who are doing something about it such as blogging in a specific niche or making a business/career out of it and so on and this makes them feel that they’re somehow missing out.

Multiple Passions

But what if you’re the type of person who is passionate about many, many things in life? I’m one of those people. My sister’s like that. My friend who wants to start a blog is like that and I know so many other people who are exactly the same. I’m passionate about animals and nature, crafting, music and art, blogging, writing, playing piano, reading, baking, – the list goes on and on. I am equally passionate about all of them and if someone held a gun to my head and told me I had to choose one ‘or else’, I would just say the first thing that came into my head because I cannot be passionate about just one thing. I don’t want to be limited to just one thing! I enjoy having multiple passions and that’s ok.

Make Your Life Your PassionMake Your Life Your Passion

As I was thinking about what I would write in this post yesterday, I made a little meme and put it on the Cupcakes and Cadenzas Facebook Page. You’ll see it on here too. Make your life your passion.

Instead of spending time and energy worrying about finding one passion, why don’t we resolve to fill our lives with ALL the things we’re passionate about? Instead of focussing on one thing, why don’t we spend our time doing a mix of ALL the things we love doing?

We need to stop compartmentalising ourselves and our lives. We need to stop searching for things that perhaps don’t exist. We should be allowing ourselves to enjoy anything everything that makes us happy and we can only do that when we stop trying to make our passion our life and start making our life our passion.

So, as always please feel free to join in the discussion by commenting below.

Do you have too many things that you’re passionate about and therefore find it difficult to choose just one?

Have you found the one thing you are truly passionate about and, if so, how did you manage it?

Do you believe that we should only have one true passion or do you agree that our lives should be our passion?

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  1. A while back, I wrote a post about what my passion is, and like you I do have many. I have to say that I started my blog with my niche in mind, not so much because that’s what “they” say you should, but because that was (and is) the community in which I spend most of my online time. However, as I got further along in my blog I realized and accepted that I wanted to write about anything and everything and didn’t want to limit my writing to just one subject. During all of this time, I came to the realization that writing, too, is my passion.

    I would venture to say that anyone who is thinking of starting a blog must like writing in one form or another, that being a passion in and of itself. I would tell your friend to just start writing about whatever is on her mind and let the blog grow organically. She might find a few niche topics to write about, maybe not. But either way, I would think she’d find her voice in the process. I don’t really pay attention to what “the experts” say because I don’t make money off of my blog. It’s just pure fun for me, and as such I can write about whatever I want. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Kanalt17. I completely agree with everything you’ve said and have passed your comment on.

      I absolutely agree that having a passion for writing is so important and also that you can do whatever you like on your own blog. When I started this blog I was blogging about anything and everything and loved it. After a while I began to look for a niche and lo and behold, I went off blogging completely. There were a couple of years when I did virtually no blogging because I didn’t want to be limited to or couldn’t come up with just one topic to blog about. As soon as I started writing about anything and everything again, I fell back in love with it.

      I do think it’s different if you want to eventually make money through your blog although, having said that, there are many hugely successful ‘nicheless’ blogs out there.

      Great to hear from you again though! I’ll keep everyone posted on the outcome of the great blogging dilemma 🙂

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