When You Walk in the Room

When You Walk in the Room

  This morning, whilst checking my Twitter timeline, I came across a brilliant question which had been asked by @chrismarr101. The question was very simple and straightforward but it resonated with me immediately and really got me thinking. Chris’s question was: ‘Do you brighten up the room when you walk in, or when you walk out?’ Well, I’m … Read More

The Importance of Setting Goals (part 3)

This is the final part of my three part series on setting goals. If you haven’t already read Parts 1 and 2, you can do so by clicking HERE (part 1) and HERE (part 2). So, you’ve decided what it is that you would like to achieve in life and you’ve set your goals. You’ve written them down to give … Read More

And the Winner is…

© Violka08 | Dreamstime.com Yesterday I read an interesting article in The Telegraph. It was about school sports days and discussed various aspects of the day such as the parents’ race, the new government initiative for ‘Games Festivals’ and the history of school sports however, the thing that concerned  me, was a little bit on the future of sports days. It would … Read More