Warning! Blogging Can be Bad For Your Health!

Warning! Blogging Can be Bad For Your Health!

This morning I was woken up at 3.30am with a terrible cacophony of music going on in my head! I couldn’t understand why this was at first. There was a Bon Jovi song mixed in with the duet from The Pearl Fishers; REM was definitely in there somewhere along with Tarja and several songs from Les Miserables … Read More

Palaces and Calluses – Rebecca Woodhead

  Palaces and Calluses (Rebecca Woodhead’s debut novel) is a beautifully written tale of self-discovery. Although it falls into the ‘chick-lit’ genre and will please those who love that type of book (me!), this isn’t just your standard ‘girl meets boy, loses boy, gets boy back and lives happily ever after’ kind of story. There’s … Read More

Twelve Days of Christmas – Trisha Ashley

 My 2012 reading challenge is now officially underway and I have just finished my first book ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ by Trisha Ashley. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book and although it’s a Christmas story I would have enjoyed it just as much at any other time of the year. ‘Holly Brown … Read More