Sky Lights – Barclay Baker

Sky Lights

I was recently contact by a friend who had just found out about my 2012 reading challenge. She asked if I would be interested in reading the book that she had recently had published. Of course I jumped at the chance!!

This book is a¬†collaboration between Marilyn (Baker) and her friend Sheila (Barclay), hence Barclay Baker, and is a first for both of them. It is aimed at 9-12 year olds and I would say that although 9-12 years old will love it, older children (teenagers) will find it entertaining too. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m no teenager…no…really!

The tagline for the book is ‘a tale of magic, mystery and mayhem’ and that’s exactly what you get. The story starts off with the prologue which contains a bit of a shocker and continues to romp along at a great pace.

Take three children, a dog, some police officers and man-eating crocodile. Add a scientist, some worried parents and a kidnap victim. Imagine visiting Edinburgh, Dundee and another magical land that can’t be accessed by just anyone, in a matter of hours. Before you know it a character from one of the best loved children’s stories ever written pops up on…wait for it…Facebook…and the ‘fun’ really begins.

I liked the characters and I thought that Amy was very sweet. I also thought Beth Paton – Amy and Jack’s mum – was so funny. Despite the fact that her children are missing, she heads off to Register House to continue researching her family tree as if it’s the most natural thing in the world to do. I enjoyed the fact that much of the story is set in Scotland and particularly in and around Edinburgh. Some people may not always understand the Scots language which is used throughout but I would say, don’t let that put you off. You’ll still get the gist of it.

So, all in all a great adventure. I read it in three nights as I really wanted to get to the end to find out what happened! If you have children who are into magic, mystery and mayhem then I definitely recommend you get this book for them. – and read it yourself when you get the chance.

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Until the next time,

Denise x


To buy this book just click on the links below.

Sky Lights РA Tale of Magic, Mystery and Mayhem: A Tale of Magic, Mystery and Mayhem (Kindle)

Sky Lights Рa tale of magic, mystery and mayhem (Paperback)

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