Shake it Off Like a Donkey

Shake It Off Like A Donkey

Some time ago I heard this little story and it really had an impact on me so I thought I would share it with you. 
“There was once a farmer who owned a prize donkey. One day, the donkey fell into a very deep well next to the farmer’s house and he began to panic at the bottom of the well when he realised there was no way out. Because the well was so deep, the farmer couldn’t see any way of helping the poor donkey so he decided that the only course of action to take was to bury the donkey in the well. That way he would end its suffering and stop its crying. An so with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes the farmer began to shovel dirt into the well to bury the little donkey. The donkey however, had no intention of being buried, and every time the farmer threw a shovelful of dirt into the well, the donkey shook it off his back then stepped up on to it. The farmer kept shovelling and the donkey kept shaking the dirt off. Eventually the donkey had shaken off and stepped on so much dirt that he reached the top of the well, was able to jump out and was free once more!”
It just goes to show that with a bit of determination even the most difficult of situations can be overcome. You only have to ‘Shake it Off Like a Donkey


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