National Stationery Week 2014

National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week

Today I thought I would do a quick post to bring to your attention National Stationery Week!

It runs from the 31st March (yesterday) until the 6th of April and the point of it is to get people back into writing by hand – especially children. It’s also to remind everyone just how fabulous stationery is and, as it states on the official website  – you can never have too much stationery!

So, do you still write things by hand or do you use your tablet, mobile and/or iPod to do everything i.e. take notes, make appointments and keep in touch with friends and family?

I tried doing everything electronically for a while but, after a couple of months, I was really missing my Filofax/notebooks/journals etc. and so I  went back to writing everything by hand. I also take all my university notes by hand and type them up later. It has been proven that if you write things out first, you are more likely to remember them. I write all my shopping lists by hand too. I once tried putting the list on my phone but when I got home, I had forgotten to get half the stuff on the list and had managed to pick up several things I didn’t need (nothing new there then) but it did feel a bit odd going round the supermarket referring to my phone at the top of every isle. 

My cousin was a great letter writer and used to send me letters and cards regularly. I loved getting them in the post and recognised her writing straight away. As I read them I could imagine her voice, speaking the words that she had written; telling me all her news. Sadly though, she died a couple of years ago, quite unexpectedly. I still miss her a lot. However, I still have most of her letters and I take them out and read them every so often. They are my one remaining link to her. If they had been emails or texts, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t still have them. You just don’t tend to hang on to electronic words in the same way.

And so, because it’s National Stationery Week, I’m going to write a letter and I’m going to send it to my elderly aunt who I’m sure will be thrilled to bits with it. She isn’t online and as she’s slightly deaf, phoning her is always a bit of an ordeal so a letter is the answer. Maybe, in time, I’ll start writing letters to other people too .

Perhaps you could set yourself a similar challenge if you don’t already send letters. If you do though, I’m sure you could come up with something else to do with stationery and writing.

Let me know how you get on.

To find out more about National Stationery Week, head over to the official National Stationery Week website where you will find lots of great competitions, prizes and motivation to help you fall back in love with stationery and writing by hand.

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