My Woodland Garden

Today I thought I would share some photos of my garden.

I am lucky enough to have my garden in an old wood and I try to keep it as natural as possible. There are proper paths and lawns but around the edges I leave as it would have been in the wood. This makes a lovely habitat for all the wildlife in the garden including the dogs who often turn feral whilst they check the boundaries.

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge them)
Woodland Garden
If you just go through this little path between the trees you will find the most beautiful area under the trees where the dapples hit the ground. I’m convinced that faeries live there.
Woodland Garden
The flowers are so abundant on the Pieris Japonica that they almost touch the ground.
Woodland Garden
Daffodils hide everywhere.
Woodland Garden
Leading through to the bird feeding area.
Woodland Garden
I can’t for the life of me remember what these flowers are called but they are so beautiful! Maybe someone can enlighten me.
Woodland Garden
There are so many little paths through the trees there’s no knowing where you will end up next.
Woodland garden
Into the light.
Woodland Garden
This used to be my old cat’s favourite sunbathing spot.
Pretty woodland flowers
Woodland Flowers
Woodland Garden
Woodland Garden
Can you spot the dog? (Wolfie)
Woodland Garden
Storm on the lookout.
So that’s it. A little glimpse into my garden on a lovely spring day. Already I can see green shoots starting to appear on all the trees. Once it’s really in bloom I may do another post on it.
I really love my garden!

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  1. Diane – it’s very peaceful. If I were you I would let it go wild. I like the thought of providing somewhere natural in the garden for wildlife from pheasants to butterflies and bees.

    Sandra – thank you. It just looked so lovely in the sunlight today that I had to share it.

  2. Thanks for sharing your garden, Denise. As I strolled through the park this morning, I thought what a shame it is that we mow all of our shamrocks, dandelions, etc, just so our yards can look good. I really enjoy seeing these things as I stroll. You’ve just added to the delight. 🙂

  3. Hi Linda and thanks.

    What you say is so true. I like to try and keep it as natural as possible although I do like to keep the main lawns neat and tidy.

    I saw a great article the other day (I think it might have been on G+)about the humble dandelion and how beautiful it actually was although, because everyone sees them as weeds, they miss out on their lovely colours etc. I thought at the time that it was very sad.

  4. Beautiful! I would love to have a place like this to go. This is exactly what I would have made into my own “secret garden” when I was younger. I especially like the pooches!

  5. You have such a beautiful garden! I wish I had one like that, but all I have is a little rectangle of concrete with a worn down shed at the end! It must be lovely to have all that wildlife literally at your back door 🙂

  6. Kanalt – thank you. I sometimes think I’m so lucky to have a garden like this.
    It would make the perfect secret garden. There are so many places where no-one would find you.
    The dogs love it too. They seem to just blend into the background and disappear.

    Loopyloo – thank you. It is lovely to have all the wildlife right outside the door.
    A friend of mine has just a tiny paved area outside her back door and I’m amazed at how much she has growing there! She has pots filled with bulbs and roses. Climbing plants growing up wooden stakes and up the wall of her house. She plants things that will encourage butterflies and bees and it looks (and smells)amazing!

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