Smoothie Sunday: Mango, Kale and Banana Smoothie

Sunday Smoothie - mango , kale and banana

Welcome to my brand new SMOOTHIE SUNDAY!

I love fruit, I love veg and I love fruit juice, but, to be honest, sometimes I get a bit bored eating an apple or a banana or some mango… I still want to eat healthily but I also want something different – and that’s where smoothies come in. They’re healthy, they’re filling, they’re refreshing and….AND… it’s a really efficient way of making sure you get your five-a-day. What’s not to like?

I try to make smoothies most mornings. Sometimes they’re a great success, other times…not so much and I’ve always meant to share my best/favourite/most successful smoothie recipes on here however, I always forget.  Then today I thought – why not have one day a week when I post a ‘smoothie(s) of the week’?  The word smoothie fits nicely with Sunday so…Smoothie Sunday it is.

Smoothie Sunday - mango, kale and banana smoothie

The smoothie-maker I have is a Breville Smoothie Maker. It’s about ten years old, still going strong and I love it. I believe you can make smoothies in any blender though. Just make sure that if the fruit or veg get stuck under the blades, you stop it and loosen the mixture off with a spoon. You can also tip the blender over at a slight angle to keep the fruit from sticking. I also have a Nutri-Ninja but that’s purely for juicing. It’s best to use a blender or smoothie-maker for smoothies and a juicer for making juice. I might add some juicing recipes to the blog at some point too but for now, it’s smoothies.

And so, to start you off, today we have…

Mango, kale and banana smoothie

Sunday Smoothie - mango , kale and banana smoothie

  • 1  apple, thinly sliced – remove core but leave skin on
  • 1 banana – sliced
  • 1 mango – diced
  • A handful of fresh kale – washed and with stems trimmed
  • 2 dessertspoons of natural yogurt
  • Half a glass of crushed ice (optional)


Place all the ingredients into the blender and blend until – you’ve guessed it – smooth.

If your blender has a ‘pulse’ setting, use that until the ingredients start to break down then change to continuous.

You can substitute any flavoured yogurt for the natural yogurt. Sometimes I use strawberry.

If you don’t like your smoothies too thick use water or coconut water instead of the yogurt.

If you’re using natural yogurt but want a sweeter smoothie add in some honey or agave nectar to taste.

And that’s it.

If you try it let me know what you think in the comment section below and if you have any really great smoothie recipes that you’d like to share, you can email me using the form on the CONTACT PAGE. I’ll make it and, if I love it, I’ll feature you and your recipe on Cupcakes and Cadenzas.

All that’s left to say is…enjoy!


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