Let’s Get Creative!

Let's Get Creative

Let's Get Creative

Do you consider yourself to be creative?

I consider myself to be very creative. In fact, sometimes I think I’m probably a bit too creative if that’s possible. Obviously, through my job, I am musically creative but as well as that I draw, paint and doodle, I love cooking and creating new dishes to serve up, I adore gardening and working with colour, I write, I design blogs and the number of different crafts I have tried is too long to list here although I will talk about crafting in more depth in another post.

When people hear about the things I love doing and I don’t usually tell them how much I do, their reaction is often:

Oh, you’re so lucky. I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” and they probably believe that to be the case but it’s not true because humans are naturally creative. We are born with a creative streak and we create every day. We create conversations, discussions and stories for our children. We make things. We design things. We find new uses for things and although you might think that what you are doing is everyday stuff – you are being creative.

I believe that many people ‘lose’ the ability to be creative because, as children, their creativity wasn’t encouraged or at some point, they’ve been told that they are no good at something and this causes them to lose confidence. When I was at school an art teacher told my mother that ” trying to teach Denise to draw is like flogging a dead horse”.  Because of that I believed for years that I couldn’t draw and never attempted it until I was encouraged to try and I discovered that actually, I could draw. I laugh about it now but at the time it really hurt.

Sometimes people decide that being creative and using imagination isn’t something to be taken into adulthood. After all, adults are supposed to be responsible and serious, aren’t they? 😉 Well, let me tell you something. I recently bought myself a colouring book. That’s right – a colouring book and a set of coloured pencils. The designs are fairly complex because it’s for adults and not children and it’s not something I would do for hours at a time but I find it very therapeutic and it doesn’t require any real effort. Just because you’re a grown-up doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.

Let’s Get Creative!

So,  this is going to be a regular weekly slot about creativity and I’m hoping to encourage readers to become more creative. If you’re already creative that’s great and I hope you still get something out of it and contribute to it too.

Posts might be about releasing your inner ‘artist’  or simply info on a particular area of creativity. I aim to have guest bloggers too, talking about their specific area of expertise. There will be a Q&A session every so often when readers can send in their creative and crafty questions and by hook or by crook I will find answers for them but mainly it will  be about finding those creative bones and hopefully taking a little bit of time out from your hectic life to do something just for you.

If you have any questions for the Q&A sessions, please send them to me either in the comments below or using the form on the CONTACT page.

If there is anything about creativity that you would like to see featured here just let me know in the comments or by using the form on the CONTACT page.

Finally, let me know what creative things you do in your life. Do you set aside a specific time each day/week/month to be creative or are you more spontaneous, just doing whatever whenever the mood hits? If you like you can always send me photos of your finished creations and I will feature them on here.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. What a super idea, you certainly know how to keep your posts interesting. It is very inspiring catching up on your newest trends and creative designs today.. I have always believed I’m artistic and creative despite my inadequacies for example; when the picture or an arrangement is almost completed and my tremor strikes, and then everything flies everywhere but you just have to, “Pick yourself up, Dust yourself down and Start all over again.”, Don’t you? I will enjoy popping over from time to time and hopefully joining in.. Keep up the good work.

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