It’s Been a While

It's been a while

It certainly has been a while since I last posted anything here on Cupcakes and Cadenzas. Almost three months to be precise however, things are getting back on track and my aim is to get back to posting regularly again.

Lots of things have happened in the time I’ve been away from the blogosphere and I thought today I would give you a quick rundown on what’s been going on.

Crafting and Creativity

As well as continuing my knitting journey, I’ve also taught myself to crochet and have been taking part in a Mystery Blanket CAL (crochet along). More to follow on that in future posts but, just to let you see how I’m getting on, here’s a photo of each of the squares I’ve made so far. I’m only showing one of each square in the photo but there are actually 4, 8 or 16 of each square, depending on the pattern. Please bear in mind, I only learned to crochet a week before the CAL started so this has been a steep learning curve for me.

Just as well I love a challenge!

It's been a while
A bit of weaving in the ends and blocking still to be done.

Health and Wellbeing

I’ve gone back to doing yoga which I haven’t done for many, many, many years and I’m doing it along with pilates. I’ve decided that, as far as getting fit and toned goes, it’s now or never. As I get older, I don’t want to start losing what muscle I have and, as we all know (or should know), exercise is a great way of fending off osteoporosis. As well as physical health benefits though, yoga is great for improving your mood and general wellbeing and practising it along with mindfulness and meditation has made a huge difference to my life in a very short time. Again though, I’ll talk about it more in future posts.

By the way – just in case you’re wondering – ¬†there are no photos of me doing any of my yoga poses. In fact, I can’t guarantee there will ever be. The world really isn’t quite ready for that.

Productivity and Planning

Finally, I have been spending time working on ‘Getting Things Done‘ (also known as GTD) which is a programme by David Allen and is all about ‘the art of stress-free productivity’. More to follow on that too but, all I’ll say at the moment is, if you struggle to get things done on a daily basis and you feel as if you’re constantly chasing your tail, GTD could be just the thing for you.

I’ve also been working on a business plan for the next year, drawing up plans for Cupcakes and Cadenzas itself, and working on my own wellbeing using the Daily Greatness Journal. More to follow on those too.

It's been a while


It's been a while

And that’s about it really. Today’s post was just a quick update to let you where I’ve been and what’s been going on.

I feel much better for having taken that step back from blogging and social media and I’m now returning to it feeling completely refreshed and raring to go again. I’m also feeling much more positive about myself and the direction in which I want to take my life and my business.

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Speak to you again soon,


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