Happy New Year 2015Just to wish you all a Happy New Year 2015!

By now we should all have arrived in 2015 and I hope you had a wonderful Hogmanay and that there aren’t too many hangovers today. I did have a tiny hangover this morning but after a huge bowl of Mr C&C’s homemade broth and freshly baked bread at lunchtime, I’m feeling a whole lot better.

I love a shiny, brand new year but, for some reason, 2015 feels a bit different to all others. This year I feel a powerful, positive flow of energy around me which I don’t remember feeling any other year. I have a strong sense that this year is going to be a great year and not just for me. I am positive that many, many people are going to have their lives changed for the better in 2015. Don’t ask me where this is coming from because I don’t know but I’m sure it is the case so…watch this space

Anyway, as I said, I LOVE a new year. For me, the first day of the year is like opening a gorgeous new notebook full of blank pages just waiting for our story to be written and we are the only ones who can decide what goes into that story. We have complete control over how our story will turn out. How much fun is that? We can decide exactly how we want our lives to be this year – happy or sad, exciting or boring, amazing or miserable…it’s entirely up to us because, what ever happens in our lives, we have a choice about how we let it affect us.

So, what kind of story are you going to write in your brand new notebook this year? Will it be a story that makes your heart and the hearts of everyone affected by it soar or will it be a story that no-one, including you, wants to know about?


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