Filofax Friday – The Start of a New Year

As many of you know, I love Filofaxes, and so I thought that I would make Fridays my day for posting about…wait for it…Filofaxes, hence the name ‘Filofax Friday’!

Because it’s the start of a new year I thought today I would do a quick post on how I’m going to use my Filofaxes this year and which ones I will be using.

This year, I am going to be running three separate Filofaxes. I usually run two – one personal and one for work – but because I have a new business about to launch I will be using a third organiser to keep me on track with that. As I work from home anyway all I have to do is look at each one first thing every morning and I immediately know where I have to be and what needs to be done.

So, the first Filofax I will be using is my personal espresso Siena which I bought last year and I absolutely love. Despite having bought several (yes several) new personal sized Filofaxes last year, the Siena is still my favourite and so I will continue to use it this year for organising my personal life.

Personal Siena

My business Filofax this year is a lovely new A5 purple Finchley. This replaces the A5 aqua Finsbury which I used in 2011. Some people who don’t understand my Filofax addiction obsession habit love have tried to explain to me that I don’t have to have a new Filofax at the start of every year but I have now perfected a blank stare and they eventually give up.

A5 Finchley

Finally, because of my new venture ‘Handmade by Yvie’ being launched this year (very shortly so watch this space) I needed one final organiser. At first I thought I would use the personal, tomato Bloomsbury that I bought in the Filofax Germany sale but, after thinking carefully about it, I eventually decided on my lovely pink A5 Flex. I also intend to use this as my blog organiser as well. The Flex really is very…well…flexible.

A5 Flex

So there you have it. Those are the organisers which will (hopefully) be keeping me on track this year. I’ll explain more about how I will use each one in future posts.

Until the next time,

Denise x

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  1. hello! I share your love of the personal Siena, I have the same color one for my personal life as well : )

    look forward to reading about your new venture.

    congrats on your new filo and happy new year!

  2. Hi luminosity6 and a happy new year to you too!

    It’s great to find someone else who shares my love of the Siena. Not many people I know have one. I love the fact it has a lived in, used look but never looks scruffy.

    Not long now ’til the new venture takes off. Excited and nervous at the same time.

    Many thanks for your comments 🙂

  3. Hi Lime Tree and thanks.

    I will be doing a post about the set up of them all very soon with some photos as well.

    Tracy commented on another post about the Filofax setup being a work in progress and I think she’s absolutely right. Just when you think you’ve got the perfect setup, you think of something new or hear of a great idea from someone else and then you start again…

    Which Filofax do you have?


  4. This is so true! I am having a hard time letting go of the fact that I can’t really use it unless I figure out its set-up first! I am being very hard on my Filofax and on myself! 🙂

    I currently have a pocket finsbury that I LOVE! I got a good set up on the first try and have been using it ever since! It’s a wallet/appointments/Weightwatchers tracker.
    The other one is a belmont pocket for work. Works fine as it is mostly for notes because appointments I have to keep on outlook.
    Last – the one I am struggling with – is a personal Domino.I will probably leave it for personal goals/ big picture planning as I just order a Personal Baroque. That may solve the problem because I would use the baroque just for my Happiness Project freeing up some space on my Domino.

    **Very long response of mine, huh? I bet you didn’t see that coming! hehe 😀

  5. Hi Lime Tree, not at all! I love hearing what Filofaxes other people have and how they use them.

    I think that Filofaxes need to be used and it’s great that you have found so many uses for yours. I honestly think it’s easier to use several than to try and keep everything in one. The only thing that I find about the pocket size is that they are just too small for me.

    Having a Filofax specifically for goals is a great idea. You could do a lot with that. As for the Baroque (which is lovely!), I think it’s a great idea to use it for your Happiness Project as that’s an important undertaking and needs a special Filofax.

    Good luck with all your projects – it sounds as though you’re on the right track although I think Filofax use is a project in itself. In fact – there’s a thought! A Filofax for planning out how you are going to use your other Filofaxes!! Hmmm… 😉

    Keep in touch.


  6. Thanks Keasha. I love the purple too. In fact, I love that Filofax so much that I’m still using it as my work Filofax and probably won’t change that.

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