DIY Air Freshener

I’m not a fan of shop-bought/artificial air fresheners. They draw you in with their pretty packaging and their exotic or wholesome names such as ‘pure cotton’ or ‘Japanese Lakeside’ but, when you finally get them home, they never quite live up to your expectations and they never quite smell the way you think they’re going to. Now, I have to confess that I’ve never been to Japan so I have no idea what a Japanese lakeside actually smells like but I’m pretty sure the sickly, chemical smell that exudes from an artificial air freshener isn’t quite as it should be. In fact, I once had a student come to the house for a piano lesson and as she walked in she asked what the smell was. I proudly told her it was my new air-freshener.

“Oh, right,” she said. “It’s the same smell that you get in the toilets at some of the camp-sites that we go to.”

Needless to say the air-freshener was binned as soon as she left.

Smells aside though the other problem that they have is, they aren’t very good for you. Apparently they can cause headaches, allergies and stomach problems and in the worst case – cancer. It’s all to do with the chemicals they contain such as plasticisers, parabens and preservatives (amongst other things). So, all  in all, artificial air fresheners aren’t that great.

I’ve known this for a while now but I still want to have a nice smelling house. I love cut flowers – especially lilies and stock and anything else that has a gorgeous fragrance. In fact, the smellier the better as far as flowers go but, as we know, flowers don’t last that long so something else was needed. And that’s when I saw an article on Facebook talking about homemade air-fresheners and I decided to try it for myself.

As it was a great success I’ve decided to put a mini homemade air-freshener tutorial on here so you can all try it for yourself . And here it is:


You will need:

An empty glass jar (without lid)

Baking Soda/bicarbonate of soda – NOT baking powder

Essential oils of your choice

Pretty material

An elastic band

Ribbon/flowers/embellishments to decorate

Glue or sticky tape

DIY Air Freshener

Find yourself an empty glass jar, lid not required – any size you want. Obviously the bigger the jar, the more baking soda and essential oil you need.

DIY Air Freshener

Half fill the jar with baking soda and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Mix the oil into the baking soda and add more as required. I used ylang ylang for this one but you could use whatever you like best or a combination of several different oils. Rose and geranium or sweet orange and geranium work really well together. You can add more oil depending on how strong you want it to smell but I suggest starting off with just a few drops and adding more if needed. It’s easier to add more than to have to throw it away and start again.

DIY Air Freshener

Lay out your chosen material, face down and, using an upside-down bowl, draw round it using a pen or dress-maker’s chalk, whatever you have to hand. Make sure the circle is big enough to cover the top of the jar but not so big that it covers it completely.

DIY Air Freshener

Place the material centrally over the top of the jar, smooth it out and hold it in place with an elastic band.

DIY Air Freshener

Cover the elastic band with a pretty ribbon and glue the ends together at the back. If you don’t have glue use a small piece of sticky tape. I then tied a piece of contrasting baker’s twine around the ribbon and added a handmade flower to the top to finish it off.

DIY Air Freshener

And there you have it. Your very own DIY air freshener.

I placed this overnight in my music studio and when I went in this morning I was greeted with the fresh but subtle fragrance of ylang ylang which was lovely.

If you’re inspired to try this let me know how you get on and, if you have any questions, just ask.

Until the next time,

DIY Air Freshener




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