My Definition of Fabulous

Defining fabulous

Definition of fabulous

I thought today I would give you a little insight into my definition of fabulous and what I actually mean by ‘take your life from forgettable to fabulous one thought at a time’ and so I’m going to start with what (for the purpose of this blog) the word fabulous doesn’t mean.

On Cupcakes and Cadenzas, being fabulous isn’t about being super rich or driving a flash car or wearing the latest in designer clothes and accessories. It isn’t about being famous or name-dropping or whether or not you’ve appeared drunk and/or naked on a reality tv show. Being fabulous isn’t about being beautiful or having the perfect figure or looking youthful well into middle-age nor is it about being bitchy, hard or uncaring because all of those things are superficial. They are external and only give an impression of what many people think fabulous is.

Being truly fabulous is an inside job.

Being truly fabulous is about having confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s about knowing your own mind, being able to make decisions and keeping commitments. It’s about having the right attitude to life, about being positive and and about having passion. It’s about being kind, warm, caring and compassionate. It’s about being able to stand up for yourself. It’s about putting forward your own point of view, whilst at the same time, understanding that the other person’s point of view is equally important to them.

Truly fabulous people are authentic and they aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are. Truly fabulous people aren’t afraid of letting other people seeing their foibles and quirks; their weirdness and imperfections. They’re not afraid to show that they’re vulnerable. They ‘get’ that they aren’t perfect and they’re well aware of their flaws but they understand that and they accept that it’s all part of who they are.

And it isn’t too late. You too can still become truly fabulous at whatever stage of life you’re at. It is completely possible to turn your life around and make it exactly how you always dreamed it would be. All you have to do is to let go of outdated beliefs, adopt a positive attitude and be prepared to let go of the old you and gradually you will see your life being transformed from forgettable to fabulous one thought at a time.

Denise x

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  1. Hi Denise,

    Loved your definition of fabulous it’s so authentic and full of great ideas but most importantly it has been written by a compassionate person who truly cares.

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