14 Gift Ideas For the Crafters in Your Life

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I know it’s a bit late but I’m sure there are still plenty of you out there who, like me, have yet to finish your Christmas shopping and so I thought I would give you a few last minute gift ideas for that very special group of people – crafters.

Crafters are generally very easy to please. They’re happy with just about anything that will help them to do the thing in life that they love most – crafting! However, I know that choosing gifts for crafters isn’t easy if crafting isn’t your thing and so I’m hoping this little list will be just what you need to help you out.

All items on the list are suitable for both beginners and experts.

So, in no particular order here are my;

14 Gift Ideas For the Crafters In Your Life

A subscription to their favourite craft magazine

There are magazines out there that have been written on just about every craft imaginable. There are magazines on; knitting; crochet; papercraft; stamping; sewing; jewellery-making; parchment-craft: cross-stitch. Whatever it is that the crafter in your life does, you’ll be able to find a publication that covers it. The easiest way to find out what’s out there is to Google the words – [name of craft] magazine subscription – and a whole host of suggestions will come up for you.

A yarn-winder

This is one for the knitters, crocheters and anyone else who works with yarn as part of their hobby. This little gadget turns balls, hanks and skeins of yarn into cool little yarn ‘cakes’ which are neat and really easy to work with. When using the yarn cake you pull the wool from the centre of the cake which helps to stop the yarn from becoming tangled as you reach the end of the ball – a bug-bear of crafters!

You can find a whole selection of yarn winders HERE (AL)

A craft box subscription

Now, I haven’t personally tried a subscription box but I know several other crafters who subscribe to them and love them. There are all sorts of craft boxes you can subscribe to including; jewellery-making, paper-crafts, scrap-booking, crochet, knitting and so on. There are also some that I know of that let you try a different craft each month and that would be good for someone who is new to crafting and hasn’t quite decided what their ‘thing’ is yet. Once again, head to Google (what on earth would we do without Google?) and type the words ‘craft box subscription’ into the search bar. You’ll be amazed at what comes up.

A sewing machine

This one is obviously for the crafter who loves to sew, whether that be clothes, soft furnishings, toys, etc,. Obviously, if they’re looking for an advanced/specialist machine then they’ll probably want to sort that out themselves however, if they’re  looking for a straightforward machine that basically sews, a sewing machine would make a fabulous gift.

A notebook

Crafters love notebooks. I actually have a little ‘ideas’ book that I carry everywhere with me. I got it from Paperchase and in it I record ideas that come into my head, colour combinations I love, notes about things that have inspired me and little pattern drawings. A simple notebook really is a useful little present for a crafter.

A self-healing cutting mat

This is an incredibly useful thing for card-makers, paper crafters, jewellery-makers, dress-makers and parchment crafters to name but a few. Almost all self-healing, cutting mats have grid lines to help with measuring whilst cutting and also to help keep lines straight. The mats also help to protect work surfaces when sharp tools are being used and ‘heal’ themselves neatly again once a cut has been made into the material. I couldn’t live without mine.

A craft kit

I love it when someone gives me a craft kit. There are kits available for all sorts of crafts and what’s really nice is that you get to make something without having to give it a lot of thought beforehand. Everything is there for you already. You can get crochet kits, knitting kits, jewellery kits, cross-stitch kits, embroidery kits, friendship bracelet kits. There really is something to suit everyone. Again, they’re also great for crafters who haven’t quite yet found their ‘thing’ and are still at the stage of trying out different crafts.

Pom-pom makers

Pom-pom makers are fab! Gone are the days of cutting out cardboard circles to make pom-poms or even snaffling your mum’s best forks. Nowadays you can buy plastic pom-pom makers in different sizes from tiny to extra large. They have literally revolutionised my life and, I’m sure, the lives of many other crafters. They’re perfect for almost any crafter who would like to add a pom-pom or two to their creations.


You simply cannot go wrong with a voucher. A voucher ensures that the crafter gets exactly what he/she wants or at least has something to put towards it if it’s something big. Check with local craft shops to see if they do vouchers – or something similar. That way you’re supporting small, local businesses. However, if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with Hobbycraft  or some of the other big craft retailers.

An adult colouring book and coloured pencils or pens

Colouring in is huge at the moment and creative people love to do a bit of colouring in. It’s relaxing, therapeutic, encourages mindfulness and enhances creativity but, at the same, it doesn’t require too much thought or concentration. What’s not to love? Check out Amazon’s huge selection HERE (AL)

 Craft storage

Crafters are always looking for extra storage. and I’m fairly certain there isn’t a crafter out there who would be disappointed with a few more ‘Really Useful Boxes’. Craft storage comes in a huge variety of sizes, from tiny pots to store tiny beads through to free standing cupboards and cabinets. If your budget doesn’t run to that though you could always gift them a sewing basket (I love mine to bits) or a knitting/crochet bag or even decent sized baskets to stash wool in. Alternatively, come up with something completely unique like the the image below.


A hot glue gun or a heat gun

Inexpensive but incredibly useful for crafters are hot glue guns and heat guns. They’re not something you need more than one of though so check to see if it’s something they really need. However, if it is something they need and don’t have, they’ll love you forever for getting them it.

A craft course

Craft courses are usually either online or face to face. Search for craft courses near to where your crafty, loved one lives and find out what’s coming up. You’ll generally find them advertised in local craft shops. This is great because, as well as learning new skills and working with like-minded people the shops very often supply the materials you’ll need for the course. The cost of materials will be included in the cost of the course however, you can take along your own materials if you prefer. If there isn’t a craft course nearby, have a look at Craftsy. They have lots of wonderful online courses for both beginner and more experienced crafters alike.  Craftsy course are not expensive, they’re well presented, they’re easy to follow and can be done at a time that suits you.

Finally, if all else fails, make up a…

Crafter’s Relaxation Kit

Crafters love nothing better than to sit back and relax whenever they’re having a break from crafting so, gather together a pile of things that they might like, place it all in a box, write a little label explaining what it is and wrap it up in pretty paper. You could include a really pretty craft-themed mug, some speciality tea/coffee/hot chocolate, some delicious biscuits (shortbread always goes down well), a pretty scented candle and also some hand cream as working with different yarns can often make your hands dry.

And there you have it.

My 14 Gift Ideas For the Crafters in Your Life.

I hope you manage to find something out of that little lot.

If these ideas have helped you out, let me know.

And, if this is too late for Christmas, bookmark the page and save it for birthdays etc,

To creativity,



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