Finding My Blogging Mojo

Blogging mojo

Missing in Action

Anyone who checks in on Cupcakes and Cadenzas regularly may have noticed that I haven’t written any new posts in a while. This is because I decided to take an impromptu break from blogging. I hadn’t planned it and I had no idea it was going to happen. It just…happened. I woke up one morning and realised that I had lost my blogging mojo and blogging had started to feel like a chore and I always said that when that happened, I would step away from it. I truly believe that when you write without passion it really shows up in your work and I had definitely lost my passion for blogging. This has happened before but never quite as much as this time.

My problem was that I was struggling to remember what the ethos of Cupcakes and Cadenzas was. I had lost direction. I had no new ideas for blog posts. Every time I sat down to write something I spent ages staring at a blank screen only to eventually give up, close the computer down and walk away. Reading back over the last few blog posts I’d written I felt as though they’d been written simply to fill the page with words rather than because I had something relevant and useful to say. And so I decided it was time for a break.

To be absolutely honest, I wasn’t sure if this would just be a break or if it would be something much more permanent i.e.taking the entire blog offline. But, having done things in haste many, many times before and regretted it, I decided to leave things as they were until I made up my mind as to what it was I wanted to do.

What I’ve Been Up To

I decided that I would put my time away from Cupcakes and Cadenzas to good use. I wanted to rekindle my passion for life and I hoped that in doing so, I would eventually find my blogging mojo again.

I’ve been doing lots of reading. If you want to write you need to read – a lot. It doesn’t matter whether you want to write novels, short stories, self-help books or blog posts – if you want to write well, you need to be an avid reader. Luckily I love reading but it’s one of the things that’s been falling by the wayside recently and so I saw this as an opportunity to up my reading game again.

I’ve also become a member of the fabulous Makelight. I’ll tell you more about this in another post but it’s basically a membership site run by Emily and Stef where you learn to improve your photography skills, blogging skills, Instagram skills and so, so much more. I absolutely love it and Makelight is more than partly responsible for rekindling my desire to start blogging again only this time with focus. I have so much to thank them for.

I’ve opened an Etsy shop called Yvie’s Attic where I sell antique, vintage and pre-loved items. You can find links to it in the menu at the top of the page and in the box at the top of the sidebar. More about Yvie’s Attic later too.

I’ve been crocheting, knitting and crafting my socks off. You’ve guessed it…more to come on that.

Finally I decided that I needed to spend more time in Nature. I’ve started to transform my garden into a Wildlife Garden where we can live in harmony with nature and, at the same time, create our own little eco-system. More to come on that too.

Blogging Mojo

Blogging mojo


Over the ten weeks or so that I’ve been on my blogging break I realised a few things.

Firstly, blogging and writing is in my blood. I’m a blogger at heart. I love writing and I love Cupcakes and Cadenzas. I just needed a break. Over the last week or so the urge to write has been getting stronger and stronger and I knew the time had finally come to get back into blogging.

Secondly, I  lost my way because I was trying to please too many people. I had been looking at lots of extremely successful blogs and thinking ‘Oh, maybe I should try that’ or “Maybe that would be a better topic to write about’ etc. But, the thing is, that works for them. It doesn’t mean it will work for me. And that was why I was struggling to find things to write about. I wasn’t being true to myself and I wasn’t being true to Cupcakes and Cadenzas. Cupcakes and Cadenzas has always been about creativity, trying new things, recommendations and encouraging others to live the best life they can with the resources they have available to them. And that’s how it’s going to stay.


Normal service has resumed! My blogging mojo is back.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask me anything or if you would like me to write a blog post on a particular topic. You can do so through the CONTACT PAGE.

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Until  the next time,

blogging mojo


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