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One of the things I often hear from newbie bloggers or people who would love to start blogging is, ‘But I don’t know what to write about! Where do you get your ideas from?’

I know exactly what they’re talking about because I’ve been there too – many times. There’s nothing worse than sitting staring at a blank screen with not a single idea coming to mind. You know you want to write something and you know that posting regularly is really important but there’s just nothing there. And the worst thing about struggling for ideas is, the harder you try to come up with an idea, the worse things get. The more frustrated you become, the less likely you are to come up with…well…anything. And when that happens your enthusiasm starts to fizzle out and, eventually, you lose interest and give up.

We all have our reasons for blogging. Some of us are blogging for fun; others because we have a message we want to get out there. Some people blog because they want to share hobbies or experiences; others because they have something they want to teach people. There are people who blog because eventually they want to earn a bit of extra money or, they may even want to turn blogging into their full time job. Regardless of our reasons though we all have one thing in common. We all want to write interesting and informative posts on a regular basis. In fact, to attract readers to our blog and to keep them coming back for more we all NEED to write interesting and informative posts on a regular basis. 

So, if you’re really struggling to come up with that interesting and informative content, my first piece of advice is to…step away from the keyboard because staring at a blank screen isn’t helping.

My second piece of advice is to open your eyes and your ears because inspiration for blog posts is everywhere. I know! It’s hard to believe but it’s true and I’ll show you how in just a second.

My third piece of advice is to start thinking like a blogger. When you’re out and about look for inspiration for blog posts. When you’re shopping, look for new ideas or things to photograph. Listen carefully to the things you and other people are talking about. Can you find inspiration in a conversation? (Clearly, I’m a poet!)

So, here are two examples of finding inspiration in everyday situations.

What Can I Blog About?

I have a friend who started a blog about two years ago. She wrote one, excellent post on weight loss…and gave up! She gave up blogging after one post. Now, some might say she couldn’t have been that interested, but she. She talks about going back to blogging all the time. She’s always telling me that she would love to get her blog up and running again as a health and wellness site but she just doesn’t know where to start as far as blog posts go.

Anyway, last week she was talking about her blog again and the conversation got to round to food (as it usually does). She was telling me that she had made the most amazing vegetable curry for the family meal the night before.

I said, “You could write a blog post about that.”

She said, “Oh, wow! I would never have thought of doing that!”

Then we got onto various other topics including using coconut oil for problem skin.

I said, “You could write a blog post about that.”

We had a laugh about when we used to henna our hair (a long, long time ago). We got onto that topic because she was telling me that she had been looking into henna lip liners. Can you guess what I said to her? You’re probably right! I told her she could write a blog post about that. By the time she left there had been at least six, maybe seven, different topics that we had talked about that could be used for fabulous posts on a health and wellness blog.

You just have to think like a blogger.

Another way to get inspiration is to get out and about and take photographs. This is one of my favourite ways of coming up with new material for this blog.

Finding Blog Post Inspiration

So, last night I was out walking my dogs in the woods across the road from my house. We ended up taking the path above the river and I saw some daffodils growing wild on the steep bank below us. I loved the way the old tree framed one side of the picture and so I got my phone out and captured the image. This is what I ended up with.

Blog Post inspiration

“But how does that inspire you write a blog post?” I hear you ask.

Well here’s list of what I got from that one image:

And all that from one random photo that I took when I was out for a walk with the dogs.

Never Forget Another Idea

Inspiration is all around you but you have to be open to receiving it and  you can do that by making use of all of your five senses and thinking like a blogger. Keep your blog and your readers at the front of your mind. Ask yourself continuously, ‘Could this be useful/interesting/helpful/entertaining/inspirational to my readers?’ If the answer is yes, note it down somewhere and write about it as soon as you can. Better sooner rather than later as, the longer you leave it, the more likely you are to lose enthusiasm for the idea. I carry a little ‘ideas’ journal everywhere with me and I write blog post ideas into it as soon as they pop into my head. I got this one from PAPERCHASE.

blog post inspiration

So, if you’re new to blogging or you’re just starting out, or even if you’ve been blogging for a while but you’re simply feeling stuck – I hope this has helped a little bit.

Please feel free to comment in the ‘comment’ section below or email me using the form on the CONTACT PAGE if you have any questions.

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Whatever happens though, good luck on your blogging journey. Just remember, you are not alone. Almost every blogger goes through this at some time or other and help is only a few taps of the keyboard away.

Until the next time,

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