It’s now the end of the second week of my personal ‘no-spend’ challenge and of course the big question is, was it a successful week or was I tempted to spend, spend, spend?


Well… it was…a…SUCCESSFUL WEEK!!

 In fact, this week has just flown past and, compared to last week, it seemed much easier to walk away from anything I saw and considered buying. For anyone who hasn’t read my previous posts on this challenge and therefore has no idea of what’s going on you can catch up by clicking here.

So, here is what I could have spent my money on this week but chose not to:

Firstly a gorgeous red blouse. Now this was a bargain as it was originally £50 reduced to £30 and reduced a second time to £15 but I resisted temptation.

Next there were some boot socks at £7 and I managed to turn my back on those despite them being very cute.

The next thing to try and tempt me was some gorgeous nail polish. Now that was quite strange because I’m not really a nail polish person but for some reason I really loved it – probably because I knew I couldn’t have it but I stayed strong and saved myself another £6.

Finally there were two magazines which I buy occasionally. Very often they end up in the recycling bin having only been half read and so it wasn’t too difficult to decide against those. Another £7.65 saved!

So, altogether, I didn’t spend £35.65 this week.

Did I buy myself anything that I didn’t need? No! I bought nothing extra so that’s a weekly ‘no spend’ of £35.65. Add that to last week’s total and we have a total ‘no spend’ of £71.69. 

It’s early days yet but it’s beginning to look as though I spend somewhere between £35 and £40 each week on things that I can easily live without. I’m not saying that I want to live like this forever as I believe there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every so often but, if someone had told me that I spend that amount on ‘extras’ every week, I would never have believed them.

Anyway, three more weeks to go and I’m now feeling quietly confident. Check back to see how I get on next week.

Until the next time,

Denise x
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