I often read blog posts which list a number of facts about the blogger and, I have to confess, I love reading them. I’m often surprised at things people do or have done, places they have lived etc. It’s funny how you build up a picture of someone you don’t actually know and then they give you a few facts about themselves and that picture can be completely changed.

So here are my ’10 Things About Me You Would Never Know Unless I Told You’ . I was going to title the post ’10 Facts About Me You Would Never Know Unless I Told You and Probably Wished You Didn’t Know Once You Read Them’ but that was just a bit too long.


If I Could Be Anyone

  1. I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu for several years
  2. My ultimate comfort food is a white roll with tuna mayo and Branston pickle. Don’t ask
  3. I have a tattoo and for anyone who is wondering – yes – it was painful and no – I don’t regret getting it.
  4. I like love adore Pingu
  5. When I was at school I fenced for Scotland (the sport of fencing as opposed to handling stolen goods of course)
  6. I am a Capricorn which means I am incredibly stubborn and head-butt my way through life 
  7. I am hugely into some of the big European metal bands. Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Tarja, Therion, Delain and Within Temptation to name but a few
  8. One of my favourite outdoor activities is white-water rafting
  9. I have a phobia about being near large expanses of water in the dark
  10. If I could be anyone at all for a day I would be…Betty Boop


So there you have it. Anything totally unexpected?
Until the next time,
Denise x
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    Wow! You are so cool and this totally blows me away … ten things I’d definitely never have guessed! Thanks for posting this, it was fascinating!

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