10 Simple Ways To Lift Your Spirits And Boost Your Energy

Lift Your Spirits and Boost Your Energy

Lift Your Spirits and Boost Your Energy

Today I thought I would share with you the 10 things I like to do when I need a bit of an energy boost.

These are not for the times when you’re feeling really down and lacking energy although they would help however, these are more for the times when you just need a little something to lift your spirits and jump-start you into action again. Don’t attempt to do them all at once. Usually just one of them does the job.

So, in no particular order, here goes.


10 Simple Ways To Lift Your Spirits and Boost Your Energy



Getting out into the fresh air and connecting with Nature is one of the best natural energy boosters around. Go for a walk, go to the park, watch a sunset, watch a sunrise, take yourself to the beach – do anything you like as long as it involves being outside, close to nature and in a calm and peaceful environment. Take the time to do this and your mood will improve dramatically.


 Yes, the dreaded ‘E’ word but exercise doesn’t have to be something to dread or avoid. As long as you are moving and expending energy (burning calories) you are exercising. Exercise releases endorphins (the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals) and is a fantastic way to lift your spirits. You don’t have to take out a gym membership and you don’t have to pound the roads for hours on end. Simply do whatever you can in the environment you’re in. Use the stairs, go for a brisk 10 minute walk during your lunch hour, dust off that bicycle that you haven’t looked at for years and get on board (don’t forget to test the brakes!), go for a swim at the local swimming pool, play with your kids in the park rather than sitting watching them… There really are so many ways to pack in exercise during the day without spending any money and without going too much out of your way so…no excuses!

Lift Your Spirits


Whilst you might think a high carb, high sugar snack is just what you need as a pick-me-up, the lift it gives you will be temporary and as soon as it wears off you’ll be back where you started and possibly feeling worse than before so avoid at all costs. Make up a bowlful of mixed fruit or, if you’re near a supermarket, buy a pre-prepared pack. If fruit on its own doesn’t appeal to you try having an apple or a small banana with some peanut butter. You could also add some honey to natural yogurt and mix your fruit into that (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc) or, if you’re short on time, get yourself a high protein bar.



Having lots of clutter around you is not only annoying and unsightly, it also affects your mood and your ability to concentrate. Instead of concentrating on the job in hand you are more likely to focus on the mess which in turns bring you down. Clearing up clutter on the other hand gives you a great sense of achievement and increases your sense of well-being so, next time you have clutter around you, spend a bit of time clearing it away and I’ll guarantee it will lift your spirits and make you feel a whole lot better.


Develop and attitude of gratitude. Whenever you feel your mood dropping, take time to become aware of all the good things around you that you should be appreciating. If you’re in the office it might be that you find your chair very comfortable, you like the colour of the paint on the walls, you like the fact that air conditioning isn’t right above your head, that you appreciate having such great colleagues and so on. If you’re in the house it could be that you love the colour of your carpet, you are blessed to have such beautiful pets, you love the way the sun catches the wall mirror first thing and casts beautiful shadows across the room and so on. Try to find as many things as you can that you are grateful for or that make you happy and by the end of it your spirits will have lifted and your mood will be boosted.


I love meditating. I try to do it at the very least once a day. People tell me that they struggle with meditation and that it’s really difficult and I know what they mean because it took me a long time to be able to do it but it isn’t really as difficult as it seems. The way I learned was by starting with a guided meditation where someone talks you through the meditation with relaxing music in the background. If I felt myself dropping off (it happens) I would refocus on their voice and bring myself back into the meditation. Eventually I was able to meditate without needing music or guidance and now I can meditate whenever and wherever at the drop of a hat. The other thing not to worry about is clearing your mind. Don’t even try. Once you start trying to clear your mind all sorts of thoughts start popping into your head. I found that after a while, as I became more comfortable with meditating, the thoughts just stopped popping up anyway so don’t get too caught up in it.


If you feel as though your spirits need lifting all you really have to do is listen to some uplifting music. It can very quickly raise your spirits and completely change your mood. I have a very eclectic taste in music ranging from Kanye West to Kabalevsky and from Country to Classical and I use different music to lift my spirits in different ways. Experiment with different genres. You may be surprised at the type of music that really resonates with you.

Lift Your Spirits


We’re more likely to become tired and lethargic when we’re dehydrated. That’s quite understandable when we remember that the human body is makeup of around 70% water. We need water to stay alive and yet I can’t believe the number of people I meet who say they never drink water. They don’t like it. It’s boring. Well, it isn’t really a question of liking it or not. We NEED it – to stay fit and healthy, to stay alert and, probably most importantly, to stay alive. Drink water! If you absolutely won’t drink water on its own, add fruit, add ice or use it to make a lovely fruit tea.


Donating to charity is something that always lifts your spirits because you know that someone down the line is going to benefit in some way from something that you personally have given. It could be a cash donation or it could be a donation of goods to a charity shop. Perhaps there’s a great cause you would like to support over on JustGiving or maybe you have some free time and could do some volunteering. Whatever you donate be it time, money or goods, I guarantee you will feel much better knowing that, in some small way, you are helping someone whose needs are greater than yours.


I love Social Media. I spend a huge chunk of my life on Social Media but it’s definitely not somewhere I go to when I’m not feeling at my most dynamic. In fact, it’s been proven that Facebook in particular can cause people to become more down when they’re in need of a boost rather than lifting them up. We go on to Social Media sites only to find pictures, videos and posts of everyone having a wonderful time – everyone except us that is, and when that happens we’re more likely to spiral even further down into our state of miserableness. So, when you need a bit of a boost you would be far better turning off you gadgets and doing any of the above activities. Once you’re back to your normal, cheery self then feel free to log back on and share all your happiness with your online friends.

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